Friday, October 21, 2011

Weekend Links

My due date is fast approaching and I'm very much hoping this baby shares my love of good time keeping! I'm trying to be patient and grateful that everything's gone well so far but know that if I go overdue I'll be climbing the walls!

One thing that's been really nice is that I've had some time off work at the weekends with my partner. Being a Humanist wedding celebrant means that I'm often out on a Saturday and Sunday conducting marriages, so it's been lovely to have the time at home with Nev. Naturally our thoughts are turning to what life will be like for us when the baby comes. We expect our world to be turned upside down and can't wait to be parents but we also hope to remember that we are still a romantic couple and to be mindful of that side of our partnership. Real Parenting has an interesting article on how having children changes your relationship.

Here's some other interesting things I've found for your weekend reading:

If every there was a subject that attracted a huge amount of BS it must be that of breastfeeding. Sure we all know it's the healthiest and most natural way to feed your baby but can we please leave it at the facts? It has recently been claimed that breastfeeding increases social mobility. I'm rather fed up with these studies that perpetuate results that cannot possibly be measured in any kind of scientific or accurate way. Men wouldn't stand for this if it was them but women are regularly made to feel inadequate and guilty when it comes to this part of child rearing. It's rare to read anything remotely positive and sensible about bottle feeding so well done to Circus Queen for her post on bottle feeding with love.

Keen as I am to bring on labour I'm finding it hard to walk to the ned of the street rather than go on a run. Therefore I was super impressed with this lady who ran the Chicago Marathon then has her baby eight hours later.

I'm also very eager to meet up with the other ladies from my NCT class again when we've all had our babies. I've been reading a lot about how to look after my little one and have found it quite funny how ante natal classes are mostly about the birth rather than what to do with the baby when it gets here. Real Parenting ponders whether childcare classes will become popular.

Have a great weekend!

Image from There's lots of advice here on creative family picture poses.

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