Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pregnancy Insomnia

Nine months has felt like a long haul for me and I'm delighted to be near the end of this journey and about to meet my baby! The general advice about this time seems to be to get plenty of rest to reserve energy for the sleepless nights to come but that's easier said than done. I'm suffering from pregnancy insomnia at the moment so thought I'd come up with a few tips about how to pass the time in the wee small hours...

1. Cocoa. This delicious hot drink was invented for insomniacs, as it doesn't taste remotely as good during hours you should be awake. Making a cup of cocoa when I wake up at 4am has been an enjoyable ritual and a nice treat.

2. Pinterest. This site was surely invented for insomniacs and hours can be wasted here. Pinterest is basically a virtual pinboard where you can store visual links to things you love on the web. It's where I find many images I use here. I also have boards for craft inspiration, cakes and style. I like to think these will all come in useful 'one day'.

3. Emails. The middle of the night is a great time to catch up on your correspondence and this is probably the very first time in your life you've sent an email at 03.38 and not had to worry about the content the next day!

4. Twitter and Facebook. The chances are there'll be someone else up to talk to, particularly if you follow or are friends with other mums to be. I quite enjoy reading the drunken status updates of others and reminiscing about the time when that was me.

5. Wool. An hour's worth of knitting or crochet a night will have a lovely baby blanket produced in no time at all. Alternatively you could even knit something for yourself and not for the baby. Radical!

6. Wardrobe. Now's the time to think about getting into some of those pre pregnancy clothes, although sadly I know I won't fit into them all for a while. Making sure my wardrobe features only my most flattering clothes that will fit has made me look forward to wearing them again. Things I won't get into are stored away for now.

7. Nursery. Organising nappies, folding baby grows and sorting cot linen are all useful exercises. I've also heard that the more prepared you are the sooner the baby will arrive. However if nesting really works then our baby would be here already!

8. Telly. Everyone has an embarrassing programme they watch in secret (or is it just me). Now is a good time to indulge your bad telly habit.

9. Write lists of things you need to do for the baby coming. Sometimes the thought of all you need to do can be overwhelming and creating a to do list can ease the stress and help you sleep.

10. I can't think of a last one so I'm off back to bed!

For the record my boyfriend is not drunk in the photo above but delirious with happiness!

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