Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weekend Links

Apologies for the lack of posting this week. I've been very busy trying to get things in order for the baby coming and slightly panicking at the prospect of having a whole new human being to look after in just about five weeks' time!

But fear not, I've still managed to procrastinate enough to find some interesting links for your weekend reading:

On Cafe Mom, a different way of looking at stretch marks. Very sweet but I'm yet to be convinced!

Some chat on gurgle about naughty Carla Bruni and her fag cravings. Personally I think that if she wants the fags but isn't having them then she's doing pretty well and ought to be congratulated, but never underestimate mummy forums to pass judgement...

According to A Cup Of Jo, it's common in Scandinavian countries for parents to go into cafes and leave their babies outside in their prams! Funny how common culture in one country can be 'Call social services!' in another.

Take a look at this boy themed baby shower on Remarkable Home - so very pretty! Crafty types with baby boys will be delighted to discover this new book called Sewing for Boys I spotted on Prudent Baby.

I'm off to my own baby shower this afternoon and am so excited about it! Have a great weekend!


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