Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekend Links

Did you want a boy more than a girl or vice versa? We wanted to know the sex of our baby but the modest little soul wouldn't show us in the scan! Friends suggested we have a private scan afterwards but we'd decided to make it a surprise on the birth day by that point. I can understand people imagining they might have one sex of baby over another but guess which celebrity cried for a week on discovering she was having a boy?

Here's some other interesting links for your weekend reading:

Some quick, natural and sensible tips from Mutu for making your tummy appear flatter after birth.

If you're a knitter then you might want to get your needles out for the very worthwhile charity Refuge, which cares for victims of domestic violence. They aim to make 100 blankets for Christmas time.

And check out this new site Style Nest - there's lots here for trendy mums!

Image via Piccsy. These babies look like they're about to boop each other's nose!

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