Friday, September 9, 2011

Pregnancy beauty pageant? Maybe not...

I definitely don't think women should hide their baby bump, after all what's more beautiful than a lovely, round baby container? Yet when I saw this article about a pregnancy beauty pageant in Texas I was horrified. Yes, I'm sure it's intended to be harmless fun but if there's one time you shouldn't be comparing yourself to others it's when you're pregnant. Apparently the expectant mothers took part in diaper changing and throwing contests before stripping to their bikinis for the final round. The first prize winner went away with $800 in gift vouchers, a digital camera and a teeth whitening treatment. Party on!

However we don't need to go to texas to see a baby bump - they're everywhere. Nowadays a celebrity can't get knocked up without treating the rest of us to a naked pregnancy photo shoot. There also seems to be a growing trend in pregnancy boudoir pictures and I think it's great that women rejoice in their changing shape. I remember seeing Nenah Cherry on Top of The Pops when I was a teenager and how outrageous it was that she had a midriff top on and belly on display. If I recall correctly my mother was absolutely horrified by this and, contrary little bugger that I am, that probably made me admire Cherry and her bump even more. As difficult as it may be to believe now that really was an outrageous but seminal moment in bump display.

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