Monday, September 5, 2011

Organic Monkey

Because I'm self employed (which in baby terms translates as no maternity leave or pay!) I'm all for mums who start up their own businesses. Organic Monkey has been set up by two entrepreneurial mums, Heidi and Claudine who identified a gap in the market for a truly organic range of baby skin care products. They have incorporated the use of Fairtrade ingredients where possible, providing a better deal for producers in developing countries. A couple of products they sent me to try were their Hello Mellow Organic Massage Oil, £12, and their Bumfluff Nappy Balm, £10.50.

The massage oil absorbs well into the skin but not so much that you'd have to reapply several times during a baby massage and a few drops goes a long way. The Nappy Balm definitely has the texture of lip balm rather than a cream which would be good to give a baby's botty a protective layer if they were suffering from nappy irritations. Unscented versions of these products are available but the natural scent is very delicate in both of them, which I liked. It's worth checking out their website, as not only do they list all the ingredients but explain them as well!

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