Monday, September 26, 2011

Getting to the hospital

I was amused to read this story about a couple who, like most people in Copenhagen, don't own a car. Lina, above, has stopped riding her bike to have a contraction. Yes, she is in labour and cycling to the hospital. Luckily they only live a mile away from the hospital and baby Viggo was born safe and sound.

One thing you're well warned of in the UK is that you won't be allowed to leave the hospital unless the baby is in a car seat. These safety devices are a relatively recent thing so what did people do before? I am informed that the baby was often wedged into a moses basket which was then wedged into the boot or the back seat. I wonder how many more babies' lives have survived the journey home since the invention of the car seat? I imagine the fatality rate isn't very different.

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