Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pure Beginnings

I was sent some Baby Bum Cream and Baby Wash and Shampoo from Pure Beginnings to try and although my baby isn't born yet I was very tempted to keep these and use them on myself! They smell absolutely divine and very natural. My new mum friend and her baby acted as tester and she was really impressed by these products despite being initially surprised at how strong they smelled. She particularly liked the bum cream and even missed a dirty nappy because it smelled so good! Although these products are quite pricey at £10.25 for the bum cream and £8.15 for the shampoo, a tiny bit turns into a good lather to wash the baby and the bum cream spreads very thinly to give the baby's bottom a protective covering. They are available from most John Lewis stores and online.

These products combine certified organic and native fair trade African ingredients that have been ethically sourced from Fair Trade Initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa with traditional herb botanicals. The products are also accredited by Phytotrade Africa, a non-profit trade association whose purpose is to alleviate poverty and protect biodiversity in the region by developing an industry that is not only economically successful but also ethical and sustainable.

These were a big hit with us and would make a lovely gift for a new mum. I'll definitely be treating my baby's bum to some of that lovely cream or I might just use it on my own derriere, you never know!

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