Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mummy Beauty: Refreshing Facial Mists

I've been looking for ways to cool down quickly this summer, as being heavily pregnant has got me feeling hotter than ever. I've always liked facial mists for holidays and long haul flights and having been sent some to try I've recently discovered they're the very thing if you need to cool down fast. The Evian Brumisateur is great value and comes in a handy handbag size which I've recently been taking everywhere. A quick spray of this has me cooled down in moments, with the aerosol can giving a nice fine mist. I like that there's only one ingredient and also spray it down my arms and across my shoulders. It's definitely a summer must have for me.

The Evian Brumisateur £3.57, 50ml, £7.10, 150ml, £9.14, 300ml and is available at stores 
I'm also in love with this Qsilica Rehydrate Energising Face Mist. It's a pump spray yet still creates a fine mist and although it's not quite as cooling as the Evian spray it reminds me of how my skin feels when I've been in a humid country: youthful, smooth and plumped. It also smells lightly aromatic and refreshing which is very lifting in the hot weather. I'm going to keep using this throughout the year to keep my skin hydrated. You can buy this at Planet Health for £9.95 for 50ml.

Both these sprays can be used just before you apply your moisturiser or night cream and can be applied through the day even if you have make up on. In fact, I found they made my make up look fresher even if it had been on for quite a while.

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