Monday, August 15, 2011

Maternity Fashion: Exotic Maxi Look

I often try to find one key maternity piece and compliment it with great accessories but in today's fashion spread all the clothes are non maternity! The maxi dress from Wallis has plenty of room to accomodate a bump and the cocoon cardigan is a flattering and useful staple to have in your wardrobe no matter what size you are. It's always worth shopping beyond the maternity racks as there are so many different cuts to suit an expanding waistline these days. I love this feminine but exotic look which is lovely and cool for a hot day or night.

1. Wallis Red Floral Jersey Maxi Dress, £55
2. Wallis Black Cocoon Cardigan, £33
3. Next Jewelled Pewter Low Wedge Sandal, £35
7. Lara Bohinc Saturn Earrings, £350

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