Friday, August 5, 2011

Five a day parenting

What do you think about this 'five a day parenting checklist' created by the CentreForum think tank? An irritating example of the nanny state or a valuable reminder of common sense that seems to be much lacking these days? I've no problem with most of the sentiment behind it, however this sentence annoyed me:

"Children from the poorest backgrounds typically hear far fewer words spoken each day than those from wealthier homes."

I find this to be a prejudiced observation. I've met plenty of people from poor backgrounds who've been raised to be intelligent, well rounded happy individuals and equally have known people from comfortable highly educated backgrounds to be lacking in a caring upbringing.  I'd be pretty pissed off if I fell into the 'poor parent' category and was talked about in such a disparaging manner. CentreForum sugests that poorer parents need incentives to bring up their children properly but I would argue that wonderful and not so great parents exist in every part of society.

Isn't it odd that extremely wealthy, educated people can ship their children off to boarding school and nobody bats an eyelid, yet if a working class mum uses the television to babysit hers everyone thinks this is a 'terrible thing'.

I think CentreForum need to take a broader view of what good parenting is, and learn to use the space bar whilst they're at it.

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