Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stokke Bounce and Sleep

This has to be the image of ultimate yummy motherhood. Look at this woman with her perfectly tailored jeans, a MacBook Pro (obviously works in the 'creative industries') and her magic table that stays up with just one leg. I bet she goes to pilates classes too.

However I do like her Stokke Bounce and Sleep. It's a baby bouncer that fits into a day bed construction so you can bounce your baby at the same height as your MacBook (Pro) sits on your magical table. I'm partial to the soft colours and that it's not got sodding cartoon animals all over it. Look how nicely it contrasts with perfect mum's grey sofa:

This isn't an essential item by any means but it's chic and would no doubt be one of those things that would be hard to live without once you had one. At £135 from Mothercare it's a luxury item but not unaffordable.

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